20 Strictly-For-Adults Destinations Around The World You Need To Visit Before You Die

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3. Bangkok, Thailand

Okay, you might be tempted to say “Hey, I heard about XYZ family taking their kids to Bangkok last winter and they were okay”, but did you ask mommy or daddy XYZ if they’d rather go without the kids? Yep, Bangkok has something for everyone, but more so for adults who’re willing to explore their fantasies. From GoGo bars to Ladyboy shows, from intimate massage parlours to all-night raves, Bangkok is one place you should definitely visit without having to worry about your kids.

4. Saint Tropez, France

Once upon a time, Saint Tropez was a quaint fishing village. But then the swinging ’60s happened and then the super-rich decided to make it their party pavilion. There are no two ways about it – you enjoy Saint Tropez if you’re rich or you know someone who’s rich. Now the private yachts outnumber the fishing boats and what was once a quiet village is now a full-on party paradise.

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