The World’s Best Nude Travel Destinations

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It may sound sexy to travel to some of the top nudist destinations across the globe, but dedicated naturists are primarily into the freedom of living in harmony with nature, though some resorts do promote themselves as “erotic”. Whichever destination you decide to visit, check out the details beforehand to make sure it fits your style.

We’ve collected the top ten nudist destinations around the world, including everything from purist naturist resorts to swingers hotels. We have avoided beaches where nudity is illegal – even if the authorities tend to turn the other way. So now the only question left is, where in the world do you want to get naked?

10. boBRENE on Tambourine, Australia

A resort with great amenities in a remote location near the Gold Coast of Queensland, boBRENE is a clothes-free vacation in a natural environment. There’s a pool, a spa and a tennis court. During the night, activities include open log fires for barbecue, dancing and karaoke.

BoBRENE is an intimate but low-key nudist vacation for adults only. The small resort is run by a couple named Bob and Rene and guests can expect a friendly, no-pressure atmosphere that is not sexualized.

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